Thirty by 30

Below is my Thirty by 30 list.

It is the project to close a decade. I identified all of these amazing things I want to do by the time I am 30 years old.

Some of them are one-offs and others require a big shift in how I approach life and my evolution.

Some of them are individual and some of them involve others. Some are focused on play, some on work, some on health and others on whole living.

I am pursuing this list of thirty adventures with wild abandon. But I am also giving myself permission to allow it to evolve.

If I accept the reality that these are the wants that have been dreaming of becoming fulfilled, then I must also accept that I may inevitably have new or other wants that grow in importance.

This list is not designed to burden me. Rather it is supposed to liberate!

Over the next 12 months, I will share the experiences accompanying this list of thirty wants. “Doing” will be infinitely more fun than “documenting” these adventures but I hope that this may inspire others to create and/or pursue their own life, bucket or birthday lists.

So without further ado…my Thirty by 30.










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