My name is Kristle. I have a sparkly name but I’m pretty down to earth. I am a young entrepreneur working to build enlightened and innovative communities in Winnipeg, Toronto and the world. This is my blog.

I launched my first social venture at the age of 19 and haven’t stopped since. Six years later, I launched Inspired Practice, a social-purpose business that supports budding innovators, conscientious entrepreneurs and enterprising organizations in profitable changemaking. I combine the compassion at the heart of the citizen sector with the ambition at the core of traditional entrepreneurship to evolve workplaces and communities toward a values-based standard.

I am deeply committed to supporting aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life as they translate their talent, energy and ingenuity into real and lasting impact. Since 2010,  I have worked with 200 young innovators from 40 countries and trained 200 others on the building blocks of social venture development.

When I’m not at work or in my community, I like to do normal stuff like indulge in tasty food, fun dance with my two dogs – Khailee and Winnie, travel the globe in search of mountains to climb and experience the world through the eyes of my baby girl – Kalista.

So much gratitude must go to those in my life who have nurtured this prairie girl’s SPIRIT.  I am indebted to the POWER of 10 for my amazing family. Kristle is an Eddie and Gilbert production. These two extraordinary Açoreanos work daily to break down cultural, generational and gender barriers to economic success. As parents, they didn’t just educate me but taught me how to educate myself. They not only opened doors for me but also showed me how to create my own opportunities.  I am grateful for my little brother, Khorie. He helped me grow up in a MULTICULTURAL household and schooled me in dancing with adversity.  I am truly thankful for the divine human being to whom I am married. Together I feel we can accomplish anything. And that is the most beautiful feeling in all of the world.

My heart beams with pride and happiness when I think of all of those who form my community. You are all rock stars and I love jamming with you.


3 thoughts on “Me

  1. This is a wonderful thing you have done. When I read what is happening in your life, I think back I knew you when…..
    I wish you all the best in everything and I hope the wedding plans and all that you do is fantastic.
    Friends always

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