This little project I dreamed up came from a desire to connect with people in my circle in a fun and meaningful way.

I wanted to come up with an idea that allowed for hands-on, creative self-expression shaped by the interaction between two people sharing a bit of their lives with one another.

The hope was that these one-on-one moments get captured not only in our memory but also on canvas.

So I created Project Heart2Heart – an invitation to people whom I admire and cherish to leave a proverbial footprint on the ‘welcome mat’ of my little nest – the place I live, work, dream and play.

The Heart2Heart wall showcases a collection of paintings – some painted by me and others by my fearless friends.

Here is the method:

No rules. No specs. No LIMITS. No qualifications necessary. You pick up a brush, pick a colour and PAINT. Each painting is on 6 X 6 pre-stretched canvas (gallery style so it is ready to hang once dry) using acrylic paints and your IMAGINATION. I paint one and you paint one. So no two will be alike and the pair of paintings will be a snapshot of our time together. Some of these Heart2Heart moments have taken place in Toronto, some in Winnipeg, some in my home, and some in other people’s homes. It’s not about the SPACE, it’s about the TIME together.

Here is the inspiration – a clipped photo from a 2004 edition of Canadian House & Home.

I am honoured to say that the Heart2Heart wall has original works of art by the following:


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