Puppy Love

On April 20, 2011 a little black shih tzu puppy came into the world. As luck would have it, she picked me to be her mama.

I named her Khailee and on June 19, 2011 we started our adventures in puppyhood.

Khailee is a real social butterfly but she also has a very zen energy about her.

From my experience, this is what the shih tzu breed is really all about – tons of personality but not in a whack-a-doodle kind of way.

Calm.  Clever.  Charismatic.

She has already made more canine and human friends then I have ever had. Creatures just gravitate to her and she relishes the attention. (So do I!)

Below is a series of journal entries that I drafted to track Khailee’s progress.  She turned 1 year in April 2012 and is still amazing.


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