#21 Skydive

#21 Skydive

I had this theory awhile back that if you took one person who is afraid of falling and added another person from whom that fear of falling probably originated and threw them out of a plane to freefall (with the aid of parachutes and instructors) that something cosmic would happen. Like what? Oh maybe like conquering the fear. Forever.

In other words, I wanted to go skydiving with my mom for an adventure in pure adrenaline and overcoming fear. Unfortunately, there was a relatively short window during the summer of 2011 to coordinate this stunt. Between travel in Spain and Switzerland and raising a new puppy, there was too little time to fly out to Winnipeg for joint skydiving adventure.

Out of 30 goals, this was the only one I did not fulfill.

Could I have just jumped on my own? Oh sure. But did I want to? No. This goal will be achieved with a tag-team extraordinaire. Thankfully there is always next summer….


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