Road (Discovered)

Today I thought I would share some new discoveries.

This book is offering me insight into the mystery that is Kalista Isabelle.

No current travel plans but I’m thinking that this Canadian gem would make an awesome destination for our next trip.

I found this perfectly delicious recipe. I’ve made it twice in the last week as a fix for my after dinner all day long chocolate cravings.

These malas are gorgeous. I recently bought this one for my mom.

Full disclosure: I am neither a Louis C.K. nor a Common Core fan. Reading this article opened my eyes to the collateral damage that results from bad policy excused as good intentions. The author doesn’t seem to get that.

Two weeks later, I’m still thinking about this movie, its message and breathtaking cinematography.

I totally dig how this t-shirt speaks the truth.

I never realized how low budget time travel could be. Very clever.

Of all the things that promote violence in our society, I’m confident that Hop on Pop isn’t one of them.


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