Vision + Practice

Vision Board (Abundance)*Click on the image above to view my Vision Board on Pinterest.

Here we are – 40 days into 2014. (How time flies!) I thought now would be the perfect time to share a bit of my strategy for the year. I have taken a much more action-focused approach to my intentions this time ’round – giving myself time to roll out ideas, test them and learn from that before sharing my framework. It has been such a helpful exercise and I highly recommend it!

My theme for this year is: ABUNDANCE. Before the end of last year, I shared a bit of the inspiration behind it and a manifesto for staying true to my interpretation of it.

With the help of Stratejoy’s Holiday Council, I was able to define 3 big goals for the year and 5 overall priorities to focus my attention on.

My goals embrace my theme of ABUNDANCE ten fold. Here is the short and sweet version.

  • Cultivate the habit of calm
  • Play big with Inspired Practice
  • Embrace intentional childbearing and wholehearted parenting

The specific objectives, targets, and actions required to achieve these maintenance and project goals are laid out in an evolving framework that I am also test driving this year. If all goes well, I hope to share tips and templates that others can use for their own purposes.

Here are the priorities or “ways of being” I am pursuing all year long.

Be Connected: Being connected is high up on my list this year. I feel that as I personally and professionally evolve it becomes so important to build community around the new and expanding roles I will fill. My calendar is tagged with a curated selection of wonderful events that will allow me to continue building my business as well as tap into that shared experience with new moms, as I become one. The truth is: my time will be valued at a higher premium in the coming months and that means prioritizing certain connections over others. Regular conversation and FaceTime with family is an important way for me to stay grounded but also involve others in seemingly ordinary moments with Bear as she grows. And of course, topping it all off is a strong desire to nurture and evolve my relationship with my husband as we transition into parenthood. Sometimes the simplest things like weekend brunch or walks with the dogs can make all the difference.

Be Daring: Certainly my “dare to be great” nature is always a part of the equation but for 2014 I set the intention to focus on daring in very specific ways. Last year allowed me to set the stage to build a new and evolving client base for Inspired Practice so more of that will happen this year. Along with that comes the creation of a new type of offering launching in May 2014. It is hush-hush for now because there is still much work to be done but I am relishing the thought of collaborating with others in such a unique way.

Be Present: When you have a little bear on the way and are facing a world of uncertainty, you can spend a bunch of time stressing about the future. As important as the future is, the present is where I am now. So as part of my intentions for the year I came up with some simple actions that I could take each day to be present. Perhaps the most profound thing I have started doing this year that has shifted my perspective to the moment I am in is my 365 Photo Project on Instagram. I snap a photo everyday of whatever mundane or magical thing I am doing, place I am in or emotion I am riding. I believe that this along with my daily declaration of gratitude will keep me focusing on the NOW.

Be Loving: This year more than any other is about being loving. For me this means: embracing wholehearted parenting as I nurture Bear and her growth as a person;  using words of affirmation, time, acts of service, affection and thoughtful gifts as demonstration of my love to others and,  loving and caring for myself unapologetically.

Be Free: My most liberating priority for 2014 is being free. Halfway through 2013, I began the challenging yet critical process of untethering myself from commitments, physical stuff and relationships that were no longer serving me, my family, my health or my business. As new opportunities have surfaced in the last couple of months, I have discovered the need to continuously “declutter” and free up my mental, physical and emotional space. The other part of this equation is being more mindful of the kind of expectations I place on myself – especially as I become a mom and with that a first-time mom. And to really pile it on a first-time mom running my own business. With practice, I am hoping to condition my mind to relinquish expectations and judgement as they surface and just be FREE.

And there you have it – my vision for 2014 informed by 40 days of practice.

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