All over again

4 Year Anniversary

On January 1, 2010 in the most beautiful winter city in the world, I married my favourite person, best friend and great love. At 5pm EST today I will celebrate 4 years of marriage to my husband.

When asked if it feels like 4 years, I said that it seemed longer actually. That could be because Mike and I cultivated an amazing friendship over 7+ years before we walked down the aisle. Since we began dating in 2007, we have been on what is, for some, a lifetime worth of adventures. We live a full life and magic-making is a daily experience. There are a million more minutes, hours and days to live. Lots of challenges and triumphs yet to encounter.

This is an amazing video that makes me treasure the days and moments I have already experienced and have yet to come in my own marriage. The story is about a man who spent 75 years married (!!!) to his now deceased wife. He wrote a song for her as part of a song-writing contest and this is the magic that happened.

I loved this story in part because my wonderful husband is quite the song writer himself. He has written many humorous and sentimental song lyrics (usually put to the music of classic songs). He sings them to me, our dogs and even little Bear. It is such a talent but more importantly, one of those personal quirks that makes life together very, very special.

Happy Anniversary to my darling husband! Wish I could do it all over again.