Songs for Bear

Songs for Bear

A month ago I began thinking about curating a collection of songs for Bear. Babies develop their hearing quite early. At first, they can really only use that sense to hear sounds that are inside their own environment such as their mama’s heartbeat and voice. Later on, they develop the ability to hear sounds – quite muffled – coming from outside of the womb such as barking, talking, music, etc…

I am such a music lover that I immediately became overwhelmed with all of the possibilities I could expose my Bear to at this early stage. So instead I thought about the kind of music we could listen to in our early days as new mama and infant to help us bond and gel together. I didn’t want old-school lullabies or heavily-synthesized kiddie-sounding versions of classics. (Sorry but the latter does not mesh with my interpretation of music.) But I did want to find some favourites that would be soothing and calming.

Songs for Bear is a selection of popular songs with beautiful messages and melodies. (Click on the image above to listen to the playlist.) I chose songs that originated from Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Guns ‘n Roses and Elvis to name a few and then found arrangements (sung by other artists) that fit with the general mood I was aiming to create. There are also two songs on the playlist that have a very special place in Bear’s parents’ collective history. One of which was, in fact, our wedding song (Over the Rainbow sung by Ray Charles).

I can’t wait to curate a playlist for our many dance parties. 🙂

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