The Manifesto of Abundance

Manifesto of Abundance

This is the Manifesto of Abundance. It is my intention and declaration for 2014. It may seem a bit early for 2014 visioning, goal setting and/or themes. (After all there are still 2 weeks left in 2013). But the truth is that I am currently in a physical, mental and business transition so it seemed like the right time to put pen to paper.

I have reflected a lot on what my year of LIGHT has manifested. What is light? Something that makes vision possible. A spiritual illumination. Truth. Enlightenment. I know that there were some powerful awakenings in my business and self that hit around the mid-way point this past year. The rest of 2013 has centered around brightening existing habits of the heart and igniting new opportunities that better align with my values. This year was not easy-breezy but it helped me uncover the things I didn’t even realize I wanted. Now that I know what they are, I can ask for what I want and make it happen. And so that brings me to a year of ABUNDANCE.

I have known what my theme for 2014 was going to be for a while. I gravitated toward the concept of abundance and felt at home with how I had interpreted it. Or so I thought… As part of my continued commitment to enlightenment this year, I have been very fortunate to benefit from the wisdom of others. Through my participation in the Holiday Council, I got to actually visualize my future self and imagine where, who and how I would be a year from now. It was truly fascinating and not at all what I had expected. Needless to say, I learned from this exercise that my original definition of “abundance” was impossibly narrow. In fact, the happy, healthy and serene person from 2014 I encountered in my mind had experienced an abundance of peace, presence and glorious potential. As a final component of this visualization, we were guided to imagine our future self giving us something as a take-away from the year. The 2014 Kristle gave me a dream catcher and a pacifier. Taken literally or symbolically, I think that speaks volumes about the kind of year that is in store for me and the nature of the experiences I will be creating.

Have you started to reflect on 2013? Are you thinking about your intentions for next year? What is your THEME for 2014?


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