Right now

Advent Calendar sparkle

Right now the holiday season has begun and we are filling the early days of it with music, merry-making and lots of cheesy Christmas-themed movies.

Right now there is plenty of dreaming and scheming for 2014 happening with the help of Molly Mahar of Stratejoy and the Holiday Council.

Right now the new parents-to-be are preparing to start birthing classes and slowly shifting into a new mental space.

Right now old work projects are getting wrapped up and new ones are taking form.

Right now all of the girls in the house are getting ready for a big trip to our favourite winter wonderland.

Right now we are savouring moments by the fire knowing that we will not all be together over the holidays.

Right now Bear and I are getting extra cuddles from Winnie and Khailee as our hearts and bodies expand to accommodate more love and happiness.

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