Playing big


It is the first full week of November and the start of my birth month. (Yippee!)

October kind of kicked my butt. But it taught me well and as a result, I have a very different outlook for this month.

The truth is, despite injury and the best laid plans, I kicked butt too. I had to be flexible and really adapt to a bunch of new realities – some of which I wanted and others I most certainly didn’t. I had to ask for help, embrace my limitations, step up my game and make decisions I had never thought I would. I had to learn how to and grow to want to let others into my world.

All of that culminated in a desire to play big. So what does that mean? For me, 3 very specific things comes to mind:

  • being present
  • inviting abundance
  • embracing generosity

Being present: As I learned last month, my inability to be present cost me my mobility – among other things – for 2 weeks. For the month of November, I am challenging myself to re-commit to a daily meditation practice (so far so good!).  In addition to my handy-dandy Meditation Oasis app, I really love the 21 Day Meditation Challenges from the Chopra Center. (The next one stars on November 11!)

Thankfully my poor little ankle is on the mend and that means that I will have the opportunity to step outside of my home and indulge in a social life (complete with real human interaction!) This month, I am letting myself enjoy life and the people who are such an integral part of mine. I am reinstating my “me time” policy and booking my calendar with get-togethers with friends and bonding time with my little Bear.

Inviting abundance: I like the word “inviting” because for me, it really is a matter of holding the space for myself to recognize and receive abundance. So what does that really mean? It means being 10 times more open about inviting others to benefit from the experience, learning and work that I do.  It means both internally AND externally valuing the things that I am best at. It means building a legacy by guiding others in generating impact. 

This month, my little-company-that-could gets to grow its reach. For the first time in the history of Inspired Practice, I have formally created a COACHING PRACTICE to support social and traditional entrepreneurs in achieving greater goals through their venture development. Not only does this allow me to do work that I love but it also means that my gifts can be utilized by so many more people to multiply impact and possibility all around the world. Now that is ABUNDANCE!

Embracing generosity: I have always been much better at GIVING than RECEIVING. Part of my journey through pregnancy has been to learn how to embrace the generosity others bestow upon me. Accepting help is hard enough but asking for it is a whole other challenge. Both are necessary in life and it is time to learn how to embrace this.

As part of the many gifts I am blessed with every minute of every day, this month I will have a very special gift visiting me for a week – my DAD. He will be here not only to spend time with me (in my ever-growing state) but also to help me accomplish some of the many home improvement tasks that I have been asked (politely) not to attempt while pregnant.

On Wednesday, November 20, I will celebrate my 32nd birthday. And with that, I will be launching a treasured piece of work called the Personal Entrepreneurship Journey. I hope it will be a gift to others as much as it has been an inspiring and productive tool for me. No birthday of mine is complete without spreading the LOVE. So on that day (beginning at 2pm EST/GMT-5), 10% of all sales will go to Care Canada’s Mothers Matter program to help thousands of mamas and babies thrive in Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

I hope you and others will join me in my November quest to be present, invite abundance and embrace generosity.  Here we go!


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