Dear October.

Fall 2013

Dear October.

You are already my most productive month and we’re only 9 days in! Thanks for being rad.

Every year you bring me pumpkins, chrysanthemums and the sweetest apples.  With you, I always get to share my gratitude, wear sweaters and boots, kick up leaves, breathe in cool crisp air, and give handfuls of candy to strangely-dressed children.

This time October feels especially full. Maybe that is because I decided not to wait for opportunity to knock and instead, once again, make my own magic. (It’s happening daily!) Or that fullness could be the expansion of my waistline as my baby bump grows. Either way, it is good and exactly as it should be.

You always come through for me. I feel particularly blessed that you have held the space for me to attract generous people into my life at this moment of both incredible strength and vulnerability. I promise that your gift of 31 days will go to good use.

Forever yours,



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