Announcement (Blog)

I am excited to announce the addition of a new member to the Inspired Practice family in March. Mike and I are thrilled to be taking on the added roles of Daddy and Mommy in 2014!

When asked to comment on the expansion of our amazing little team (and household), Khailee, our Zen Master-in-Residence, responded thoughtfully with a quiet tail wag. She then rolled over, exposed her belly and waited for a belly rub.

Winnie, on the other hand, was not surprisingly confused by the news. Since her arrival in February, she has worked so diligently to claim the title of Chief Troublemaker and cement her future in that role. After some reflection (and cuddles), she was happy to take on her new role as Ambassador of Curiosity. She added that after consideration, a child bearing DNA from both her Mama and Papa seemed uniquely qualified to live up to the Chief Troublemaker standard.



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