Nine months

Winnie 9mos

It has been forever since I shared an update on the doggies. The newest canine member of the family turned 9 months old last Wednesday. While she gets a lot of real estate on my Instagram feed, she has hardly been spotlighted in the way Khailee was as a puppy.

At first, I felt guilty about not documenting every milestone and mishap like I did with Khailee. But then I realized, “That’s life!” Each week or season is going to be different and it isn’t productive to force them to be identical.

Winnie is so very different from Khailee.  She is a feisty little furball. Mischievous too. But so very loving. She sweetly claims her affection from others. (You have no choice in the matter!) Winnie is very vocal and initiates play or seeks attention through her voice. If not that way, she gets right in your face – as best she can.

With Winnie there is never a dull moment. She is incredibly curious. I will never forget the first time she went to the cottage. She was about 5 months old and everything was still very new. She had never had the experience of being submerged in water – not even in a bathtub (since I had always bathed her in the shower with the handheld showerhead). I figured that she would be interested in the dock and sniff the lake but do exactly what her older sister had done – take her time and just see what things were all about first. Within minutes of her arrival, she was at the edge of the dock and then there was a “kerplunk”. She just jumped right into the water!  Totally fearless. That’s my Winnie. She takes me to Crazy Town every day.

With dogs other than Khailee, she is still learning the ways of the canine world. Although Khailee and her are inseparable – mostly at Winnie’s request – Winnie hasn’t benefited from the diverse socialization that Khailee did.


That changed last week when the two girls spent their first day together at Fetch. Although we no longer live in Roncesvalles, the kind of experience the folks at Fetch have given my dogs is unparalleled. (Now that I have tried other service providers I realize this.) I trust them with my two most precious beings and all of the staff there are huge fans of my little shih tzus.

These two best buds are excited for the Fall. It will mean more walks and rough-housing outdoors without overheating. I have some doggie playdates in mind to break-up their days. And I know there will be a bit more traffic through our house over the next couple of months. For them that means more cuddles and love from visitors.  Lucky dogs!

P.S. How funny is it that Jimmy Fallon named his little girl Winnie Rose? Back in February, we actually contemplated naming our pup, Rosie, in honour of her partly pink nose but fell in love with the name Winnie for her. Not unlike Fallon’s little girl, our doggie was named after a place too – my hometown.

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