I would absolutely love to…

Summer ListI was really inspired by a simple set of intentions one blogger created for herself in the month of June (and incidentally, the month her baby was due).

I created my own list of intentions for the summer. Since writing this list, I have actually added 3 other activities and completed a couple of others. (What can I say? I like to take action immediately.) Of course, this is mostly for fun. Although some of these items like “go see a dentist” and “buy a replacement battery for my computer” are a little bit more necessary than others.

The biggest and baddest thing on this summer list is “go north of the 60th parallel”.  It’s happening at the end of August.  Enroute to Whitehorse, I will have the opportunity to stop in Regina (to visit a dear friend) and Calgary before adventuring through Yukon and (a bit of) Alaska.

Every year we travel some place new. So often we choose to explore a part of the world we do not live near. Life is short and we want to get to see everything. As much as I appreciate all of the opportunities I have had for global travel, I always return home to Canada with this overwhelming sense of gratitude that this is my country. So this summer, I would absolutely love to explore a Canadian treasure. And that is exactly what I’m going to do.

What’s on your summer list?


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