To the brave ones

“He who is brave is free.” ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

There is a certain amount of courage and conviction that is required for us all to live our daily lives.

Maybe some days that means having a melt down, recovering and starting again. On other days, that could mean marching right into the dragon’s den with shield up and sword drawn. And still others, it requires the willingness to let go of the known, the ugly, and the stuff that just isn’t working. In making that decision, you hold the space for what’s next – whatever that may be.

Bravery is as much about optimism and foolishness as it is about perseverance and preparedness. It is also as much demonstrated in everyday life as it is in climbing mountains, rescuing those in peril, and standing up to a bully.

Living is not for the faint at heart. And I have begun to appreciate the acts of bravery that we each demonstrate daily as individuals.

Forget skydiving, for some bravery is walking into a room of complete strangers at a social event and striking up a conversation. Nevermind swimming with sharks, bravery could be resisting group think and choosing to be the lone voice and sole vote against something that you simply do not agree with. Maybe bravery is retraining in a completely different field after the loss of a job or overhauling your entire lifestyle to become fit and healthy.

Whatever it might be, know that we are all heroes of our own lives.

So here’s to the brave ones. All of us.

p.s. This post was inspired in part by a group of individuals participating in a Job Creation Program to start new careers after a decade or more of working in what is now a dying industry.

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