The girls

Winnie FirstsSince the addition of our new puppy to the pack, we girls have been on one non-stop adventure. Winnie has become our resident happy girl. She is outgoing and brave. In her first 48 hours with us, she was already mastering stairs (up and down), comfortable to be picked up and cuddled by anyone, and adoringly annoyingly goading her new big sister to play every 5 minutes.

Win-win (as I call her) wears her partially pink nose and paw pads with great pride. She is goofy and clumsy but very confident. In Winnie’s first week with us, at the tender age of 2 months, she had already experienced the streetcar, subway, an office visit, downtown sights, on-leash walk, elevator ride, etc… That is pretty fantastic and speaks to both how trusting she is as well as how well we were able to transition her into a new family.

Big Sister K

With the addition of Winnie (now one month later), my Little K has become more mature and much calmer. She has grown into her new role with some initial resistance. Every older sibling has experienced that conflicting feeling of on one hand having a dedicated playmate to worship the ground you walk on and on the other hand having to put up with their annoying, needy behaviour. Even still, I have to laugh at the irony of life. I guess what they say is true: what goes around comes around.

Khailee was once the bouncing puppy with endless energy initiating play with every dog at her doggy daycare* (most of whom were twice her size at least). “Did she nap?” I would ask when going to pick her up from her weekly visits. “Khailee? Not a chance. After she would tire out one of the dogs, she would move on to another. She played all day long.” Of course she did. And now she is accosted incessantly to play by a 7 pound fur ball who shadows her every move.

The Girls

These two girls can be a handful some days. Those days include a combination of: muddy paw prints on the only patch of carpet in my house, Houdini-like escapes from the backyard leaving me with heart palpitations, doggie meltdowns at 4am, mama meltdowns at 4pm, inopportune and very loud barking at the neighbourhood cats or mail carrier… I could go on.

But most days are pretty great. There are laps run around our giant backyard and constant play fights. Tandem naps in the sun-filled vestibule and shared treats. And an invisible string connecting Winnie’s very strong heart (or so the vet tells me) to Khailee’s and vice versa.

That is the best part of our pack expansion. And the adventure continues…

*I realize that a doggie daycare is an odd concept at which most people would roll their eyes. That said, I think it is a great opportunity for puppies of all ages to socialize with other canines in a safe environment. There is so much important conditioning that happens while a dog is still a puppy and well before they are technically “allowed” to be exposed to the big bad world (i.e. dog parks, etc…) I credit the dog pack (and human pack leaders who facilitated this) at Fetch with teaching Khailee proper “puppy etiquette” (i.e. her place in the pack, how to respond and engage with other dogs, etc…) as well as helping to ensure that she could interact with different dogs (breed, size, etc…) so that she wouldn’t develop fearful or aggressive behaviours. Now that we have Winnie, I can see how much valuable teaching happens between dogs.

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