Life reset


There is this great line in Season 4, Episode 21 of The Big Bang Theory in which characters Sheldon and Amy come to a crossroads in their relationship following an unexpected kiss. (If you know anything about this show, you will understand why that is discombobulating.) Amy is unsure of “where to go from here”. Sheldon suggests that they restore their relationship to the most recent point where they both agree that it worked – much like resetting your computer. It’s a “relationship reset”.

Twenty Thirteen started fiercely but then half of January disappeared into a vortex of flu and fatigue. So I’m calling an audible and doing a “life reset”.

We’ve got all sorts of crazy good stuff happening right now that makes me feel like changing the play is exactly what’s in order.

The worker bee in me has translated into seriously getting stuff crossed off the home reno to-do list. (Let’s wrap it up. This is no longer a “construction zone”.) Art is changing the scenery in our new home as it gradually makes its way onto the walls. The long-awaited “before and after” posts for The Nest are getting organized.

We’ve got the arrival of our second fur baby this weekend and lots of important prep underway to welcome her to our pack. I’m getting on top of the puppy proofing and working on the transition so that all humans and canines can get into a good, happy groove.

Date nights are any night because that’s how we roll. Spontaneity is not my forte but love respects no boundaries or schedules.

Big progress is being made toward achieving fitness and health goals I set at the start of the year. A return to running and hot yoga is imminent. In January I completed 20 miles during my Mile a Day running challenge (plus a few more that I walked with Little K) before falling ill. It was totally awesome while it lasted and I far surpassed my own expectations in terms of killing time barriers (whoa!). I see another 5k race in my future.

Work is bustling with more facilitation (love!) and travel being scheduled between February and May. Old projects are getting wrapped up which feels deeply satisfying. I’m wiping the slate clean so that new opportunities can surface and re-directing my focus toward enlightened risk-taking for my business and clients. I am expecting this to feel a lot like paragliding – scary yet exhilarating.

My restored life comes with its own soundtrack composed by The Lumineers and a hearty supply of oranges, garlic, brussel sprouts, kale and hulled hemp seeds (Manitoba-grown) to boost the heck out of my immune system.

Reset complete. Next up, LIVE life!


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