Right now.

Right now… it is past 3 am and I should be in bed fast asleep. Instead, I am posting because it has been over 30 days and that seemed far too long.

Right now…I am running through a mental list of all that needs to be done in the next 4 days.

Right now…my body is craving green juice and reminding me of how short-sighted I was to drink those extra coffees chased with  gingerbread cookies and other sweet treats. (Tis the season?) Total amateur move.

Right now…I am more-than-hoping that my U.A.E. travel visa is processed in time or I may find out what happens to people who are denied entry.

Right now…most of my possessions (insignificant as they may be) can be found in half packed boxes at one house and half unpacked boxes at the other.  Renovation limbo.

Right now…I must resist the overwhelming urge to decorate for the holidays and instead wait until I return from Dubai. My computer is becoming more and more festive as I switch up my desktop with this and these.

Right now…new beginnings are just on the horizon for 27 innovators I have ushered toward the launch of their social ventures.  Proud.

Right now…the year twenty thirteen is looking shiny. New year, new sparkle.

Right now…life is good.


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