The Nest

True story. After watching a million real estate shows, hubby and I pulled together our own “must have” and “want” lists for our future home. We drafted our lists independently and then shared them. This is what we came up with…

K’s Must-Haves

  • minimum 2 storey
  • in a quiet neighbourhood
  • 2+ bedrooms
  • lots of storage space/closets (mostly so that I can fit all of my suitcases and Mike’s army gear)
  • within walking distance to basic amenities (i.e. grocery store, flower shop, TTC, etc…)
  • 1+ bath with existing or sufficient space for a 4pc
  • office space
  • backyard/outdoor space (which is or could be fenced in)
  • proper laundry area
  • income generating unit (or the possibility of one)

K’s Wants

  • space for and/or rough-ins for 2nd bath
  • open concept kitchen/living room  (or possibility of)
  • near lake/waterfront

M’s Must-Haves

  • an additional unit
  • in a quiet neighbourhood
  • close to TTC
  • outdoor space
  • 2+ bedrooms
  • “good bones” (i.e. structurally sound)

M’s Wants

  • multiple units (i.e. 2+)
  • 2 bathrooms
  • large property
  • parking
  • en suite bath/large master bedroom
  • storage space
  • unique land

You almost never get everything you want. There are trade-offs. And well, that holds true with us too. We got everything on our must-have and want lists but it came with a slightly higher price tag.

Vintage tile floor

The Nest comes with about 3500 sq ft including 4 bedrooms, 2 + half baths, kitchen, living room, family room and sun porch. There is plenty of room for out-of-town visitors so I hope to fill this home with family and friends. The finishes are all “vintage”: the tile, the carpet, the 1974 blue toilet in the master ensuite. This is my dream come true! We didn’t want to pay for someone else’s idea of a renovation. We have our own vision for this home. (Plus, it means that we can still add value to the property.)

The lot is lovely and large – about 50 x 175 – complete with what looks like an original cow fence at the front. (We are keeping that for sure!) The backyard is big enough for Khailee and every canine she has ever met to run around freely.

But let’s be honest, the best part of the house is actually the basement and the garage. Why? Well the basement will be converted into a 2 bedroom apartment. With some flooring and serious upgrades to the existing barely-there bathroom and decent-sized kitchen, we will be able to transform this into a rental and share our abundance of space with others who need a place to live. The two-car garage boasts a loft area which will also be done up to the nines as a bachelor apartment for my brother-in-law. Everyone wins!

So when do we move into the Nest? Not until December as we offered a long closing to make things more convenient for the Seller.  But that’s ok because we have plenty to do in the interim. We’ve got measurements, mood boards, and photos to help us plan and a long list of materials to source and contractors to book. Let’s go!


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