Taking flight

Before leaving Chamonix for the French Riviera, Mike and I decided to have one more heart-thumping adventure – paragliding. Within a short 45 minute period, we coordinated 2 paragliding flights with Oliver from Kailash Adventureto launch from Planpraz at roughly 2000m. You reach Planpraz by cable car which climbs the 1000m from Chamonix to the top.

I was pretty anxious and Oliver kept asking me if everything was ok. I smiled and said, “Of course. It is always good to be a little nervous before doing some new.” What I really meant was dangerous. We took off and before I knew it we were flying. Not down. But up. We ascended another 200m above the tree tops of Mont Brevent (which sits opposite of the snowy Mont Blanc massif). It was awesome! The only time I started to feel a little unwell was after the spiral he did which turned my stomach upside down and caused me to become aware of the onset of altitude sickness. (I had stopped taking my pills after I returned my climbing equipment earlier that day.)  As much fun as it was to fly, I was happy to have my feet firmly planted on the ground again. 🙂

 Overall, I must say the town of Chamonix is a charming little place and the people we met there were warm and hospitable. People like Oliver who humoured me during our relatively short paragliding journey. And the folks at Skimium Chamonix who rented us our equipment, charged us only for 3 days and were very understanding about the iceaxe which ended up costing me only 17 euros.

The majority of our stay took place at Le Faucigny. The staff went above and beyond to accommodate our bags, digging up telephone numbers for us and even doing a little bit of laundry free of charge. Our last night was spent in the swanky Hotel Le Morgane during which we could enjoy a bit of steam room, sauna and pool. Again, no one did the bare minimum. The hospitality industry in Chamonix takes pride in creating exceptional experiences for guests.

After 5 days, there was nothing more to do and it was time to move on – to Nice.

Bye bye mountains, hello beach!


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