A happy accident

A year ago today, I was blessed with an amazing gift and I didn’t even know it. A litter of seven puppies was born including my Little K. As the product of an unplanned pregnancy, she was for all intents and purposes “a happy accident”. Even though around this time last year I was living my life completely unaware of her existence, Khailee has  transformed my family.

At the start, it was just her and I figuring it all out. Then Mike returned from his training in Atlantic Canada and it seemed as though our family was complete. However, there were some growing pains. It took a while but now Khailee and her Papa are like peas and carrots.  When Mike comes homes, her whole body wiggles in delight. Now that is LOVE.

It is hard to believe that the playful 5lb ball of fur I brought home in June 2011 is now a fearless 18lb (slightly larger) ball of fur.  This is a year of Khailee and the close of her first chapter as PUPPY.

Today Khailee is ONE. And like with EVERY member of my family (immediate and extended), I’m bringing my game to throw a totally rad birthday bash. We’ve got doggy treats, human treats, gifts, balloons, and good company.


Life is full of everyday miracles. Never pass up an opportunity to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Little K!


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