All In

It’s April and there’s sunshine. This month: I’m ALL IN.

Ending one work project. Starting another…three (maybe four!). There are photographs to take. A launch party to attend. Routes to run. Reports to write. Birthdays to celebrate. There is no HALF WAY.

Right now….I find myself thinking a lot about libraries.  I like how this library junkie talks about her love of la bibliothèque.  The photo in that post is of the 5th Ave Main Branch in NYC. I spent many a Saturday there while living in New York. Hard to get anything done when surrounded by such glorious art.

Right now…the temperature is difficult to predict. So I have pulled out my scarves for Spring. Most of them are quite colourful but I have my eye on this quirky yet neutral printed scarf.

Right now…I wake up on Saturday mornings craving pancakes. (Is that strange?) Since I have no ready-made pancake mix on hand, I have used this recipe several times  over the last month.

Right now… I am soaking up as much time as possible for hot yoga and running. My workout gear is looking a little tired and worn. I’m thinking of an upgrade along the lines of  these 3/4 length tights from Adidas by Stella McCartney.

Right now…I am in love with this print? Henley’s words have never looked so good.

Right now…there is a growing trend toward entrepreneurial thinking as evidenced by this and this. But more than start-up ventures and integrative thinking, I strongly believe that being successful is apt to be determined by the depths of a person’s motivation, the skill sets they possess that support their own resourcefulness, and ultimately, their integrity.

Right now…I am immersed in a world of poetry via my leisure reading material. So I took a stab at writing a poem with some help from Bentlily. It made me smile. Here is another poem that I was reminded of recently which made me smile.

Right now…it is April and I am ALL IN.


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