Pay to pray

This week, I had the pleasure of being one of those long-term Rogers customers erroneously billed for a call I never made.  I was charged for a 43 minute call to Bangor, Pennsylvania (no, not Bangor, Maine) which upon a google search was determined to be a Prayer Line.  Hmmm…are prayer lines the new psychic hotlines? Sad to think that in this day and age, you have  pay to pray.

It took a 20 minute call during which I politely dropped a name of a contact within the company and calmly shared that I had been courted by competitor Telus who would be interested in  my business if Rogers wasn’t. (All true, by the way.) After several unacceptable “offers” from the CSR and approval from a manager, I was credited the $17.20 for the illegitimate long distance call.

That night, this ran on the Rick Mercer Report.  Pretty hilarious. And true. (Aren’t we all on a Bell/Rogers, Rogers/Telus, MTS/Shaw anger continuum?)


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