As a family, Mike, Little K and I hit the rail path for a late night run last week. Our goal: run with dog. Unleashed. The rail path is pretty isolated. But for a few intersections that connect to quiet residential streets, it is fenced.

I was nervous at first. But once WE got moving, Khailee got moving. I started out ahead and she followed with Mike following her. Then later we switched things around. What I realized was that as excited as she was to be free, she was not about to get left behind. If she got caught up in sniffing something good, we would get her attention and she would sprint to catch up with us.

We ran a portion of  the rail path  – about 3k. Unexpected. Especially for such a little dog. But that’s what I love most about the little mutt. She might not look like it, but she has got energy for days. She is sweet and girly with a bow in her hair but she is equally  strong and solid. To look at her, you might not think she could run but she can!

Khailee is not what she appears and that is simply the best.

P.S. Next month Little K turns 1!  More puppy love updates to come.


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