Run the world

Five weeks to go until the big race a.k.a. my first 10k. I have been working out as much as possible. Hitting the pavement for late night runs. Morning yoga at home is helping to stretch out my sore muscles – which are now constantly in use. With such lovely weather, I have been doing a lot more walking. On Saturday alone, I walked 5k to and from High Park in the morning and then another 5-6k from downtown to home. I am enjoying the process much more this month than last.

One of the factors that has greatly contributed to a more enjoyable running experience is an update to my Run Playlist. Music has always been a necessary ingredient in my running success. There has been a lot of interesting research on music and running performance. Some people like to focus on every step, kilometer and minute that goes by when they run. I am the total opposite. Being present while  I run means mentally escaping from the monotony of it all. Music helps me do that.

It also helps me keep pace since I like to select songs with a certain number of beats per minute and when planning out my playlist, I stick the super motivating songs for the moments en route when I know I will need a kick in the pants. This song did just that when I crossed the 500 meter mark during the Toronto Waterfront 5k back in October.

Right now, Beyoncé is my girl. I listen to her singing in my ear and it makes me feel POWERFUL. That’s when I reach breakthroughs.

Here’s a little music to get you runnin’!


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