Kale, White Bean & Potato Stew

Soup’s on! It’s nearly Spring and I am in the mood for easy single pot dinners with lots of leftovers for lunch. Today’s experiment is the Kale, White Bean and Potato Stew recipe from Whole Living found here.

I made some adjustments as per usual. I added half a turnip to the mix and kept my celery for snacking on my favourite hummus. I had no red wine vinegar in stock and just ran out of the white wine vinegar. So I subbed in apple cider vinegar. Navy beans weren’t readily available so I used cannellini beans (a.k.a. white kidney beans). Finally, in addition to using fine sea salt, I seasoned the soup with  a dash or two of cayenne pepper.

THE VERDICT  Simple. Hearty. Healthy.  The turnip was an excellent addition in my opinion. But my favourite ingredient is the kale. Growing up on the stuff, I have eaten many bowls of soup with kale as the star. (I like it so much that I even nicknamed my dog after it.)  Looking forward to the leftovers!


2 thoughts on “Kale, White Bean & Potato Stew

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