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Heart symbolism. I adore it. But what could be more powerful than anatomical heart imagery?

I worship the heart. The literal and figurative.

Since February is all about HEART – both in terms of love and life – my goals this month are focused on WholeHearted living and loving.

At the end of last month, I signed up to run the Toronto Yonge Street 10k on April 22. (As you may recall, I ran the Toronto Waterfront 5k last fall.) Since I’m adding 5k to this experience, I feel that I MUST train this time. This week I kick off  a 5 week customized program including running, hot yoga and breath-enhancing pilates. That will surely get my heart thumping in time to practice my stride at the March Tune Up Run.

In my opinion, it’s never too early to take control of your health. The Heart & Stroke Foundation has an easy-peasy online Health Assessment for anyone interested in better understanding their own risk for heart disease. Although I am young and have few risk factors, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease run in my family. The assessment offered a few recommendations that I actually found helpful. In particular, getting my blood sugar and cholesterol tested so that I have a baseline.

The most obvious event of this month takes place on the 14th – otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. It is nice to have a day that is dedicated to sharing love with one’s favourite people. But the intent behind a WholeHearted month was actually inspired by Brené Brown. A year ago, I happened upon her amazing TEDx talk  on The Power of Vulnerability. It really resonated with me. I see the potential in vulnerability and that is what I intend to embrace this month.


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