January love.

January was – in sum – a good start. I set out to get organized and prepare for a whirlwind year.

This month I fell in love with….

A new brand (pictured above). It’s bold and brazen and very ME.

Organized chaos – beautifully contained with some help from Ikea.

This song from Working Girl – which could have been the soundtrack to my January 2012.  (Carly Simon is forever awesome.)

The colour red packaged in a lovely gown which I wore to the 2012 Garrison Officers Ball. (This year’s ball celebrated the bicentennial of the War of 1812.)

This photo of my Khailee-kins. I made several prints of it to put up in my living and work places.

The not-too-soon-but-not-so-faraway eventuality of hearing the pitter-patter of little biped feet. (So I did the responsible thing and registered for EI Benefits for Self-Employed People.)

The unique and sultry voices of Zooey Deschanel and Madeleine Peyroux.

Nature-inspired home decor such as this tree-ring pillow which invites me to cuddle up on the couch.

Eudora and Althea – my mini orchids.

A compact bone-coloured Matt and Nat wallet to help me with my streamlining efforts.

Kraft paper perfection.

A new set of dog rules. (Now at #7 but only because Mike is too easily persuaded by puppy dog eyes to stick to the rules.)

Tina Fey while reading her book Bossypants. (She is very weird and hilarious. If you are a fan, you might like this.)

Taking the first exciting step in our house hunting adventures. (My sister-in-law Carol is helping us find our dream home and set us up to receive listings in our preferred neighbourhoods.)

I am looking forward to another busy and bustling month. I have a new set of goals for February. And Khailee and I have planned an important work-trip/much-deserved visit with  family in Winnipeg.

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