Mexican Polenta

I’ve always been more of a lemon girl than a lime one. But I came across this recipe while doing a search for polenta dishes and was tempted to try something different.  I made my own Mexican seasoning combining 1/4 tsp each of cumin, sea salt, dried chilies and hot paprika. I also opted for a couple of substitutes: black beans instead of red kidney beans and vine-ripened tomatoes versus canned tomatoes. (After many years of making sauces and soups using canned tomatoes, I have become deeply concerned about the quantities of Bisphenol A found in canned tomatoes. Since there is little difference in convenience, I opted for fresh tomatoes.)

THE VERDICT Spicy and tasty. And a far more interesting polenta dish than many others I have eaten. Since I added hot paprika to my spice mix, a little something to temper the heat would have been good. The original recipe calls for feta and/or sour cream. I would recommend adding a quarter of a ripened avocado or a cool mini-cucumber chopped up.


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