Working out the kinks

Wow. Last week was ANOTHER marathon week. I managed to forge ahead in the first few days of the week despite feeling weak, tired and mostly, nauseated. I was eating pureed food and dry toast for those first few days – afraid that I wouldn’t keep anything else down. And I napped and slept when I could. I refused to allow anything to jeopardize my ability to follow-through on those things which mattered most to me.

But I also had work to do. I turned into a little recruiting machine and engaged some remarkable young people to sign on to share their wisdom, insights and experience with our Change Inc. E-mentoring Program participants in the coming months. And then I became an accountability coach helping others to understand the importance of the commitments they make to participate in programs I lead.

Last but not least, the first meeting of the new Board of Health was convened last week. True to form, I spent a lot of time preparing myself on the content and assumed I knew enough on the procedural stuff. Wrong. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes as much as we do from our successes. I am happy to say that the combination of new knowledge and connections will make this experience incredibly enriching. And as always, I shall seize any opportunity to contribute.

I am still plugging away at my House In Order (HOI) initiative. Right now, it has a distinct focus on technology.

I would love to show you some of what I have been working on as part of my little HOI project. In fact, this piece goes seamlessly with another post from my Thirty by 30 project – Building a Brand. This past week, I worked tirelessly on getting things MOVING with Inspired Practice’s virtual home. It has been utterly ridiculous to have the site down for so long but I’ll admit, I hit a wall with some of the technical requirements of my vision.

I am self-taught. Hear that? Self-taught. Oh don’t be too impressed. All that really means is that I have taken the long and stupid path to learn, in twice the time, what most people grasp in a couple of comp sci and graphic design classes. Is it frustrating? (You might ask. Although I have no idea what would ever make you think to ask that.) Yes, at times. But not because of my lack of technical know-how. No. Rather, it is because of my vision. If my vision mirrored my abilities, we’d have no problem. So adapt your vision, you might say. Ah but sadly I suffer from an affliction called perfectionism. My definition of perfection is constantly changing. Thus, it takes me that much longer to achieve the desired standard. And when I do, there is no guarantee that I will be satisfied for very long. (This actually happened in the Fall when I thought I was “done” and then realized it still wasn’t quite right!)

Part of what had to happen in order to move things forward was to let go of an old identity and instead create a personality brand. My beloved frog will no longer feature in my brand, on my materials or website. It is one of the few symbols that I cherish but unlike myself, I came to recognize that my company had outgrown it and needed to better reflect the minimalist, creative and brazen qualities that I possess. The symbol itself was too abstract and mysterious to be front and centre. So it’s gone! I’m moving forward and will relaunch in February.

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