January 2012: House in Order

About a decade ago, I  spent some time working for Manitoba Government Services in the Procurement Branch. It was an exciting time for the Province of Manitoba. The Golden Boy had just been gilded and restored to his perch at the top of the Legislature. It was also, incidentally, the ushering in of a new era (we had hoped) as implementation of the Sustainable Development Act began.  This Act in many ways mirrored the then House-In-Order Climate Change initiative being undertaken by the Feds. The ultimate goal of the SD Act was to ensure government departments were taking steps to comply with regulations around everything from “greening” tenders to fleets in an effort to get their “house in order”.  The premise being that before applying these standards to other sectors, government could and should demonstrate both possibility and impact. I learned then what it would really take to get government moving in a new direction. You could liken it to attempting to turn the Titanic around before hitting the iceberg. Soon after that experience, I put away my rose-coloured glasses in favour of bifocals. Today, I see things differently but still value the notion of a “house in order”. I may not have the power to revolutionize government but I am the captain of my own ship.

In time-honoured tradition, I set goals for each new calendar year. For 2012, I decided to create a hybrid of both monthly and yearly goals.  This month is all about getting my house in order. I know that I drive my hubby nuts with all of the furniture moving and reorganizing but doesn’t it make you feel productive just looking at it?

More good things have been added to make life beautiful around here. Althea, my new mini orchid, has a spot front and centre on my desk. Her sister, Eudora, will find her new home on my desk downtown. (I find it helps to name my plants so that I actually remember to take care of them. Who would have thought it would be harder to keep a plant alive than a puppy? )

I also finally got my act together and created my own 2012 desk blotter calendar inspired by one Kyla Roma created last year.

As part of my own House In Order initiative this January, you will begin noticing structural and design changes to my blog here at http://www.kristlect.com and very soon the re-launch of http://www.inspiredpractice.com.  Woot!

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