Santa’s Little Helper

Holiday cards

I love mail. Cards. Letters. Packages. I love them all. I love mail so much that in order to keep it happy (and less economically and ecologically burdensome), I actually receive NO bills via mail. (Everything has been switched over to e-bills.) Of course, at Christmas time I receive a flood of cards and goodies – overflowing with blessings and sweet messages.


One of my favourite things EVER is our return address stamp. I got it back in 2008 from these awesome people – largely to use on our wedding invites. Because it is so beautiful, it has encouraged me to send more letters, cards and packages in the mail.

Normally I buy some sparkling politically correct holiday card to distribute to family and friends. But this year I had access to my very own model – Little K.  Uber-adorable. Very photogenic. It was a no-brainer.

We shot about 30 photos, in only two of which she was looking at the camera.  Since I have only the camera on my iPhone as a functional option, I took advantage of Instagram and used a filter for the pic. Then I amped up the dpi to 600 in Photoshop to increase the resolution for printing purposes.  I came up with a design, got the cards printed at Staples and voila!

Tomorrow – once everyone has opened their goodies – I will share 3 posts featuring handmade gifts, edibles and decorations I pulled together for the holidays.

Until then, wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas!

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