Slow down

Today was supposed to be a productive one. The kind that makes me feel like I really am a superhero. But the universe had other plans. It started off just beautifully with a walk around the block and Khailee’s usual morning shenanigans. But in a split second it all turned bloody. In my efforts to be such a diligent recycler, I inadvertently cut my finger open on the lid of a can.  I will spare you the gory details but needless to say, I will be spending my day at Emerg awaiting medical attention – which may or may not include stitches and a tetanus shot. We’ll see.

My plan to share my handmade holiday adventures via this blog will have to wait. But I am writing this quickly before I leave the house in an effort to spare others from a similar fate. It’s not about the can or the cut as much as it is about SLOWING DOWN.  There is often a lot of craziness that surfaces leading up to the holidays. Everyone’s running around trying to find that last perfect gift or pick up ingredients for family dinners. People are working round the clock so that they can tie up loose ends before a couple weeks of vacation. Rush, rush, rush.

Take a deep breath and slow down.

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