#12 Build a Brand

#12 Build a Brand

For this goal, I sought to clarify the image and essence of Inspired Practice but also to decide how my two separate yet related sites would be used. It got a little silly after awhile to be posting on two sites – compartmentalizing the personal and professional. Forget it! Who’s got time for that?

In the Fall, I took a leap and transitioned what was “prairie girl by day” to www.kristlect.com I wanted to build a brand around my name – since I am in everything that I do. It isn’t as easy as you might think. My first and last name combined are crazy long and impossible to remember (that is, for other people to remember). Since my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts all appear as kristlect, it seemed reason enough for the website to be the same. Well that and to purchase the domain name http://www.kristle.com would cost me $1,200 per year. Yes. For REAL.

I am thrilled to have a space to continue writing and sharing my thoughts on inspired living but without it having to house every little bit about my work.

This decision has allowed me to keep www.inspiredpractice.com as a static site focusing on my professional image and offerings. It will become a hub of information and inspiration for anyone who really wants to know about inspired practice.

And by end of January, I will finally be able to share my new virtual digs and brand. #12 is done!


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