#20 Enjoy wedding champagne

#20 Enjoy Wedding Champagne

On our wedding day – January 1, 2010 – Mike and I received a lovely gift to our hotel room at the Chateau Frontenac. Champagne and macaroons. It was so lovely but due to a jam-packed weekend in Quebec City, we never got around to drinking the champagne. (I ate all of the macaroons!) At the time, I didn’t like the idea of hoarding the champagne.

So for my Thirty by 30 list, I had hoped and planned to open it on our first wedding anniversary this past January. But for a variety of reasons, that didn’t quite work out. All year long, I struggled with what to do with this bottle of champagne. On what great occasion between January and November 2011 could we pop open the bubbly?

Then I thought, we can buy champagne any old time. (We certainly spend enough on wine.) But this particular bottle feels too special to pop open for a mediocre occasion. And then it hit me – the story of the Port wine. (This is a good one!)

Back in 2000, my brother, parents and I traveled to Portugal for a nearly month long adventure. We visited São Miguel – the island on which my parents were born. We also spent a couple of weeks on the mainland traveling up the coast of Portugal – stopping at all the major points from Faro to Porto.  While in Porto, we stayed with extended family and then did what any smart person does in Porto. We went for a tour of one of the best port wineries in the world – Graham’s. I was not quite 18  at the time (shhh don’t tell!) but truth be told, my grandfather had been letting me taste Port wine since I was pint-sized. It was such a treat. And really, really good Port. My parents purchased 2 bottles of Graham’s 10 Years of Age tawny port. Now this stuff, you save for a special occasion. It’s THE BEST port. Aged. Whoa.

Eddie had been saving this bottle for 20 years... What a wedding!

Photo by Andrew Ash

Nearly ten years passed while those bottles of Port  kept cozy in my parents’ buffet and hutch – awaiting their moment to shine. The day finally came – January 02, 2010. The day after our wedding.  Mike and I dressed in our wedding gear and met up with our entire group on Dufferin Terrace for a very memorable toboggan run. My parents brought with them 22 Quebec City souvenir shot glasses and one of the prized bottles of Tawny Port – now nearly 20 years old.  The conditions were perfect for Port: a worthy occasion, a cold (and magical) day, a perfect view (of the St Lawrence), and the ideal place to have open liquor in public and no one to bother you about it (mais oui!).

So what does this have to do with the champagne? Well champagne doesn’t age like port but the point of the story is to illustrate my thought process around how to accomplish this goal. I changed my mind. I decided that I wanted to save this bottle for a different occasion – to ENJOY then. I don’t know yet what or when that will be. Maybe it will get opened on the day Mike and I buy our first home together (coming soon i.e. 2012) or in celebration of the birth of our first child or after we climb our NEXT mountain together. Who knows? I figure we have at least a good 3 years before our champagne is no longer prime. Any number of magical moments can happen in that time that will be worthy of this symbolic bottle of bubbly.

Therefore, #20 is done!


One thought on “#20 Enjoy wedding champagne

  1. What a wonderful memory, sharing with family and friends Port on The Terrace Dufferin on a wonderfully wintery QuebecCity day. That magical moment will reveal itself and the champagne will be popped just at the right time.

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