#14 Landscape the front yard

#14 Landscape the front yard

For as long as I have lived in Roncesvalles, I have hated the front yard of our house. Based on all of the constant weeding that needed to be done each spring/summer, clearly the previous owners never bothered to do any landscaping or maintenance. Can I blame them? Living adjacent to a public alley way on the other side of restaurants, bakeries, fresh markets, etc… has its obvious downside. People dump garbage, broken tvs, take out food leftovers, dog crap, etc… on your yard just because it’s there. But I hesitate to adopt the mentality that just because others don’t respect your property, you shouldn’t bother to maintain it.

So after this debacle earlier in the summer, both my brother-in-law and I proceeded to weed two more times before finally getting the yard done. We weeded. And tilled. Then dug down a few inches and peeled back layers of soil. We laid a mesh weed barrier. Poured new top soil over it. Covered that with cedar wood chips. And placed a few flagstones for a path to the main walkway.

Of course all of this was done BEFORE the roofer finally got around to completing his work. As a result, some of our efforts were undermined and the weeds fought back. Also, one of our Muskoka granite flagstones mysteriously went missing. Even still it is a great improvement. Mega props to Peter for his willingness to muck around in the dirt, dust and weeds for numerous hot and humid summer days.

Although I am crossing this goal off my list, I am looking forward to adding a few shrubs and plants along the perimeter of the yard come Spring for a little dressing.  In the meantime, I have my porch planters. Honestly, there is nothing better than a container garden. And these containers are ready for winter.

#14 is done!


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