The first

It’s December 1st. Hallelujah. 2011 is nearly done and I am zippity-doo-dahing my way through this festive month with a little holiday cheer.  Now that I have all of my Thirty by 30 posts wrapped up (FINALLY!) and scheduled, I couldn’t resist another project.

I know! But I just can’t help myself!

So here it is: this year I am challenging myself to A HANDMADE HOLIDAY.

I have been out and about. Oh yes. I see the red bows and tinsel are up. Emails, flyers, subway ads, etc… bombard me with messages of discounts and sales in honour of Christmas. Yet this year, for whatever reason, it’s just not doing anything for me. Nothing has struck me as a “must buy” for my VIPs.

Solution: challenge myself with a little DIY gifting and decorating.

I can do DIY. Heck I am the CEO of my very own DIY company. So I figure all I need to do is grab hold of the gumption and ingenuity that make me a great ENTREPRENEUR and direct that toward the holidays.  Plus channeling the likes of Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart and Rosie the Riveter couldn’t hurt.

I will be sharing a few of my DIYs for the holidays. The first of which is a handmade stocking for my puppy chow.  I’m off to The Workroom to buy some pretty fabric for my girl. Wish me luck!

P.S. The beautiful Storybook Set & Advent Calendar pictured above is circa 1993. It shares the story of the Nutcracker in 24 installments. Some like their advent calendars to be filled with chocolate, I like mine to be filled with tales of imagination and triumph.


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