#25 Complete Certificate in HR Management Program

#25 Complete Certificate in HR Management Program

In 2008, I delivered a presentation to the Manitoba chapter of Meeting Professionals International. It was all about a people-centred approach to sustainability. With everyone talking about “green” this and “green” that, I found a way to communicate the sustainability imperative by putting it in terms of human beings and our values. Why? Well my experience working on HR and partnership-based projects taught me exactly how instrumental PEOPLE are. And more importantly, that the movement toward sustainable growth in companies, organizations and governments is not possible by “changing minds” but rather zeroing in on those personal values that we all have and supporting solutions that empower.

Earlier this year, I decided that while I had gained experience in some facets of HR, I wanted to have more technical knowledge to add to my repertoire. So in February, April and May, I took several classes at OISE’s Social Economy Centre as part of the Human Resources Program. I learned a bit about the fundamentals of HR including workforce planning, change management, compensation and benefits.  I say a “bit” because I didn’t feel it was a huge eye-opener but it did give me the formal tools/processes and to be fair, that’s really all I wanted anyway.

#25 is done!


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