#27 Wrap up Project Heart2Heart

#27 Wrap up Project Heart2Heart

In 2008, I was rummaging through a collection of magazine clippings and found an inspiring photo of a wall covered with numerous 6×6 paintings. Having just moved into a new home, I imagined how I could accomplish the result in that photo. I didn’t want to simply buy artwork and put it up in a grid pattern. I wanted to create something meaningful. And so, Project Heart2Heart was born.

The complete details of this project and its participants can be found here.

Three years after it began, I was able to two very important young artists to participate in the final component of this project. My cousins, Laura and Chaise both live in Winnipeg and while there over Thanksgiving Long Weekend, I took advantage of the opportunity to PAINT!

Laura was inspired by Winnipeg and the windy city that it is. (Her painting is on the left.) I was inspired by her choice in paint colour and started with blues, grey and black as the background to my painting (on the right). It was lovely to catch up with her and learn about all of the very creative and expressive interests she has both inside and outside of school.

Chaise and I sat down together on Thanksgiving Monday with bellies full of really yummy food and dessert. Green was common ground for us in our paintings. I really like how our artwork reflects a dichotomy of bold versus subtle. Chaise created a vibrant pattern of shapes on his canvas (pictured on the left) and I was inspired by a pattern also – camouflage. I think the contrast is fantastic.

Reflecting on this and other Heart2Heart experiences, I am somewhat sad to say goodbye. However, next year I expect to find myself in yet another new home and with that will surface so many more possibilities for meaningful art projects.

So for now #27 is done!

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