#24 Take the Moksha Yoga 30 Day Challenge

#24 Take the Moksha Yoga 30 Day Challenge

In March of this year, I undertook a great challenge to commit to my yoga practice for a full month. Since November 2010, I had been participating in an Energy Exchange at the Moksha Downtown studio. This was the first place I ever experienced hot yoga and the studio and its community became a favourite of mine.

So what was the result? Out of the 30 days between March 4 and April 2, I attended 21 yoga classes averaging 5 days per week. This was a considerable improvement over the barely 5 classes I was able to attend per month prior to my personal challenge.

During this short month, I was – without a doubt – stress-FREE. Uh-huh.

Source: Poster by Keep Calm & Stay Gold via Etsy

Ok if you are so inclined to take on a personal yoga challenge, here are a few tips I can offer.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • DON’T be afraid to take advantage of resources like this or this to get more familiar with postures before taking your first or fifteenth class.
  • DO bring a friend. It can be an awesome experience to share.
  • DON’T talk with your friend in the practice room before, during or at the close of class. The only person who should be talking in class is the yoga instructor. It can otherwise be super distracting.
  • DO wear light, comfy, stretchy, dry fit clothes that allow you to move and contort into a variety of positions while wicking away sweat.  Personally, I like to wear a pair of fitted capris and a tank top with built-in support.
  • DON’T wear hot pants like these because although you may have a really cute tush, nobody wants to be in a packed yoga class in toppling tree pose forced to stare at the bare butt cheeks peeking out from the shorts of the girl in front of you.
  • DO bring a mat, towel and/or magic carpet.
  • DON’T forget a brush, deodorant, and sweet smelling lotion like this.
  • DO pack at least a 12oz water bottle to sip during class and chug after class AND a snack.
  • DO relax!

Keep calm and yoga on.

#24 is done!

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