They are the best

It is fall. And this year, that has meant a much needed detour. K-dawg and I have just returned from new adventures in Winnipeg. We both made the trip out in time for Thanksgiving.  To connect with family, do a little painting, and get spoiled. Air travel with dogs is not for everyone but Khailee – in the way she does everything – ROCKED it. We commemorated her first outing to Pearson Airport with a little photo session in front of the inukshuks. There was no time for pictures upon her arrival in Winnipeg. She was immediately whisked out of her carrier and doted on.

Two puppies = love

Little dogs. They are the best. Khailee and Shadoe became fast friends. Despite the fact that Khailee tends to be the littlest dog in her pack, she was happy to have a lightweight playmate  – particularly one with endless energy.  Best friends forever.

We are diving into a new routine. It’s fall and that means time to change things up.  With only two weeks left before Mike joins me in San Francisco for a much-deserved romantic holiday, I am  making every work and life minute count. I see a light at the end of a very long tunnel that has been 2011. And with it, both a sense of accomplishment but also hunger for new challenges.  Three cheers for October!

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