#7 Bake a red velvet cake

#7 Bake a red velvet cake

I am a cake girl. For sure. Even though my nickname is pie girl, if I had to choose between those baked goods, cake wins EVERY time. I have baked many cakes in my lifetime. Chocolate. Lemon poppyseed. Raspberry hazelnut. Banana. Carrot. Almond pear. Well, you get the picture. It’s a long list. But the red velvet has eluded me. Until now…

Here is the recipe I used with some minor adaptations. I swapped out soy milk and used almond milk instead. I also had on-hand canola oil and substituted that for vegetable oil.  I used an 8-inch round springform pan. Filling about a 1/2 litre of batter each to create two separate cakes. These needed a good 50+ minutes to bake (not 25 as the recipe suggests).

My big oversight was not realizing that I needed 2 oz of red food colouring. Do you know how much 2 oz is? It’s the equivalent of 3+ little bottles of food colouring. I bought only one. Oops.

The other challenge I had was with the frosting. The consistency is never quite right. But then I don’t follow these recipes exactly so that could be why. It was runny but I did add a tiny drop or two of soy creamer to get things started when it was being mixed. It really turned out better as a glaze. Once refrigerated overnight, it tasted perfect. It isn’t as rich tasting as cream cheese but I actually prefer that. I will definitely be making this again.

Yum! #7 is done! 


One thought on “#7 Bake a red velvet cake

  1. I made the same mistake when I made red velvet. It was “reddish” velvet cake ’cause I had no where near enough food colouring. Glad yours was delicious nonetheless!

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