5 months

Totally freakin’ adorable. This is Khailee at 5 months. She is my 9lbs fur ball full of personality and love.

She is one of a kind. It is truly rare to find a dog like her who has such an endearing temperament. She is calm and sweet-natured. Everyone wants to take her home with them.  I am constantly told how lucky I am. So true.

I have been keeping track of her first experiences since bringing her home in June. Although I used to be able to draft a journal entry every week, she isn’t growing nearly as fast now.  So I plan to keep it up on a monthly basis. When I look back at the photos of her at 9 weeks, it is crazy to see how far she has come.

I have loved experiencing the ups and downs of puppyhood but my heart doesn’t break knowing that she is getting older and wiser. She grows more awesome by the day and I love to see that.  She will have a long full life and her time as a puppy is merely the first chapter.

We still have some hurdles to jump. Her adult teeth will continue to come in. Her phobia of walking down the stairs must be conquered. And house training is really a hit and miss these days.

Khailee grows more independent each day. She takes to all people and most dogs pretty well (except the barky ones). I take great comfort in knowing that when I’m not around, she is enjoying life to its fullest. At the same time, I’m grateful that she has picked me as her favourite.  As she should. Because together, we are FABULOUS.

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