#23 Say Yes Instead of No

#23 Say Yes Instead of No

I pride myself on being decisive. I know what I want and what I don’t. It takes some people 40 years+ to get that figured out.  That being said, sometimes it’s good to re-visit something you thought you didn’t like.

Way back, Mike and I drove out to Rattlesnake Point near Toronto to rock climb. This was my experience. Not too pretty right? So when my little sister – through Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto – added rock climbing to our “list of fun things for Kristle & Alana to do”, I decided to give it another go.  What’s a little anxiety between friends right?

We picked a date and Alana, her brother, her cousin and I met up at Joe Rockheads for an afternoon of climbing. I did pretty well. But at one point I got really dizzy and needed to just be down on the ground. Alana totally amazed me. She was racing up the walls with the ease of a monkey. Oh to be a kid again.

This was an awesome “yes” mostly because I got to make 3 young people pretty darn happy.

#23 is done!


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