Back aches, green juice + the big picture


Hello Friday. Another week nearly done. And still so much to do. (Cue blood pressure spike and tensing of neck and shoulder muscles.)

Yesterday, I was reading Danielle Laporte’s truly excellent post on time management and how she ditched it in favour of something so much better – her sanity. I’m ready to dive in to an alternate way of thinking. The perpetual to-do list is cramping my style. I want to focus on goals not tasks. The big picture.

So with that in mind, I am filling my days with stuff I like and want to do.

Like drinking green juice and heavenly teas. Starting a crazysexylife adventure cleanse. Stretching and healing. Meditating with the sound of ocean waves in the background. Dreaming up and doodling new project ideas. Adding to my business model canvas.

So what if I end up drinking more tea than green juice. Or break some of the rules of the 21 day cleanse. Or am doing back, shoulder and chest stretches in truth to alleviate the pain from a minor injury I have been afflicted with since March. Or for that matter, can manage to meditate only for a max of 9 minutes.  Or have no intention of implementing 80% of the ideas I come up with. Or have been creating my business model canvas for many more months than I care to admit.

Central to my big picture is none other than me. And if I intend to play a starring role in my life, I should probably start with what matters to me.

I am excited about the fall. The cool weather. My Thirty by 30 goals. And spending the next 3 weeks beginning Monday, focusing entirely on the stuff I love.  I’m giving myself permission to say “no thank you” to the noise that surrounds my life and work and dive into the truly good “yes”.

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