#13 Learn to Sail

#13 Learn to Sail

It was a muggy overcast Sunday morning in mid-August when I got my first real taste of sailing. Although I have often struggled with sea sickness, I actually did exceptionally well. I have long been enamoured with sailing. It seems incredibly liberating to be out on the open water. The wind in your hair. A 360 degree view of your surroundings. And nothing in your way.

My ultimate goal is to sail the world or maybe just around the Greek Islands. Either way I require certification. I had wanted to complete my White Sail training before turning 30 but the cost and time commitment didn’t work for this year. Plus I thought it might be smart to gradually acclimate to being on the water. In other words, I needed to take some time to get my sea legs. So instead I opted for a short sailing excursion with Gone Sailing Adventures to whet my appetite.

In honour of two birthdays – one past (June) and one future (November) – friend/client, Jennifer and I set sail with 8 other wannabe boaters and our skipper. For under 4 hours, we circumnavigated the Toronto Islands. We learned all kinds of terminology along with the all important water safety.

We learned about how to re-direct the jib sail by wrapping a winch. This is me using all of my muscle and concentration to do just that.

And of course, which is starboard and which is portside. Got a tutorial on how to adjust for changing winds and to keep a safe speed while steering the cruiser.  See me above? That’s me sailing.  🙂

#13 is done!

*Photo 3 and 4 taken by Jennifer.


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