#1 Learn to sew

#1 Learn to Sew

Sewing is a life skill. Just like swimming or driving or cooking. It might not be your passion but it is a necessity of self-reliance. And self-reliance is something I can definitely get behind. So I did a little investigating and found the perfect opportunity to learn to sew right in the heart of Parkdale. Known as The Workroom – it is a sew-by-the-hour kind of joint whereby crafting aficionados and self-proclaimed creatives (like myself) can thread their bobbins and stitch. They also offer classes on sewing machine essentials as well as adventurous hobbies like quilting and pattern-making.

I woke up late on the particular Saturday I had planned to attend. No wait. That isn’t exactly true. I woke up early to tend to Khailee’s many constant needs. Then I slipped back into bed and slept for another 3 hours – waking up with just enough time to get dressed and head out the door. I felt totally hungover (even though I wasn’t) and was hoping for a minute or two to grab a coffee and food so that I might be able to turn my brain back on. No such luck. No time.

I arrived with 5 minutes to spare so that I could pick out a fabric and matching thread. I had my eye out for something yellow that spoke to me. I love yellow. Now. Although when I was a wayward youth, I used to think it was a pukey colour. It isn’t though. It’s actually sunshine. Anyway, I wanted a yellow patterned fabric and while I looked at about 6 different options, the one above is what I settled on.

In the first hour of the sewing class, I desperately tried to absorb all of this information about the sewing machine itself. Bobbin. Needle. Stitch length. Stitch width. Reverse.

As part of our tutorial, we were supposed to put knowledge into practice and make an envelope pillow case. Simple. Practical. Fun.

It was. Mostly. But at one point we had to iron the fabric. I don’t dig ironing which is why I have been known to wear semi-wrinkled clothes. (Semi-wrinkled because I do make an effort by tossing them in the dryer to de-wrinkle.) And as you can see that while I succeeded at sewing, I failed at ironing. No matter. Ironing wasn’t on my Thirty by 30 list anyway.

Oh. Also I learned that I am picky about how my pillow cases fit my pillows. This particular assignment required that we make the pillowcase to be 15” square for a 16” square pillowform. Maybe it’s just me but that’s kind of like wearing a top that is too small. You might think you are maximizing your assets but truly – it just looks tacky. Even though my pillowcase is wrinkled and puckers a bit, I still rocked it. 😉

#1 is DONE!


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