You know it

Inspired by this brush script and my own desire to write on walls, after painting the other side of the door matte black, I scribbled this text as a reminder of the source of all grace and creativity – the heart.

Groove is in the heart.

This has become an extremely helpful affirmation as I master the method. There is nothing like 30 minutes of Tracy Anderson’s dance cardio to make you feel a little uncoordinated. I have learned to freestyle. A lot.

Speaking of dance, I attended my first Tango lesson last night. Wow. It was amazing. Argentine Tango is about dancing with and for your partner. Although a lot of people gravitate toward it because it seems dramatic and showy, at its heart, it isn’t. It’s intimate. The focus being on the embrace.

Even though we are just learning, it was so nice to dance with Mike. The only kind of dancing we ever do is “fun dancing” in our living room. Tango really requires that you connect with your partner and “listen” to one another’s body language and movement. Because we are not learning “steps” or choreography, Tango is about feeling and not “thinking”. That’s not easy but due to my experience with yoga, I know it is possible.

Here are our instructors, Kristina & Jani, dancing at a Tango Festival in Seoul.


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